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Total Transparency Policy

A Progressive & Borderless International University



Born out of necessity, Social Justice University (SJU) offers a modern solution. Free of negative social constructs, SJU is for woke individuals, whose development and achievements have reached and even surpassed the workload normally required for a degree, yet find traditional and outdated university systems to be inefficient. 


This institution is proudly decentralized from Government Controls


A bold initiative, seeking to address and dismantle systemic structural and interpersonal inequities based on race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability status and any intersection(s) thereof. Our graduates seek to highlight marginalization, oppression, and/or privilege and through their efforts, successfully promote critical awareness, perspective taking, understanding, critical thinking, and/or action for fairness and the common good.


SJU also seeks the complete eradication of Toxic Masculinity and demands total acceptance of the Transgender Community. See more in About SJU

This institution maintains a list of ALT-RIGHT figures around the world.


Our graduates are competent in their chosen fields, but lack a formal degree as a testimony to their expertise. SJU provides a legal, ethical and publicly transparent route to graduation by means of dissertation/thesis, or in the case of Honorary Degrees, application from a third party.


  1. Dissertation or Thesis

  2. Application from a third party (Honorary only)


After graduation, a copy of the graduate's diploma and any supporting documentation shall appear on an official graduate profile page. It shall remain publicly accessible, viewable by any third party. 


See example Graduate Profile.



This simple Transparency Policy removes the need for SJU to participate in an expensive accreditation system.


Since the middle of the twentieth century the burgeoning accreditation industry has burdened academia with ever growing costs whilst providing little or no useful information about institutional, academic or educational quality and no guarantees concerning the quality of a degree or graduate.


In contrast, our graduates, literally and figuratively, stand by their work, experience and accomplishments.

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Diversity & Social Justice
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